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International Fellowship of Christian Ministries (IFCM) is just that, an International Fellowship of Ministers, Churches and Believers.

As a global ministry we offer ministry recognition and credentials, training and oversight to ministers and those hoping and aspiring to go into the ministry one day. As a fellowship, we're comprised of Pastors and Ministers, Affiliate Churches and Ministries, Evangelistic Associations, Bible Colleges and Relief Centers.

To accomodate this vision, IFCM's primary function is to offer Ministry Recognition by providing Ministry Credentials and Affiliation. Our direct purpose is to provide a "spiritual covering" while encouraging the call of God on your life and in your ministry. We endeavor to walk in humility, in a Christ-like manner with all of our affiliate ministries and ministers, always recognizing that God is the Ultimate "Father," and Jesus Christ is the, "Head of the Church."

Our mission is to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission given to the church by Jesus in Matthew 28, clearly laid out to us in His command to: GO. DISCIPLE. TEACH.

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International Fellowship of Christian Ministries, Inc. was founded with the express purpse of uniting men and women of faith and purpose in order to spread the Gospel of Christ in the nations of the world. To accomodate that vision, one of IFCM's primary functions is to offer Ministry Recognition by providing Ministry Credentials and Affiliation. We currently offer:

  • Ministry License, Ministry Ordination, Ministry Affiliation

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At IFCM, we belive strongly in world missions as the very center of our call and commission from Christ that admonishes us to, "make disciples of all nations..."

Researchers for the U.S. Center for World Missions have identified as many 10,000 cultural groups which could be considered unreached, and most of these
are located in the 10/40 paralell window.

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Here you'll find a mixture of Devotional Articles, Ministry Resources along with IFCM News and Updates. Check back often for IFCM news, updates from ministers, mission trips and outreaches.

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